Poor Elephant Enslaved With Painful Chains For 50 Yrs Was Finally Freed


Raju, a 50 year old elephant has been chained with inhumane chains all his life. His past is full of sadness and cruelty. Ever since he was born, he had been held in captivity and even tortured in a daily basis. However, after all those years of pain Raju finally saw a little beam of light when the North London based Wildlife SOS heard about his plight.


As soon as Wildlife SOS heard Raju’s story, they were so moved that they instantly flew to India with a team of 10 charity members, 20 Forest Department Officers and 6 policemen. Their sole motive was to rescue Raju from the miserable life he was living.

According to the rescuers, Raju had to go through a lot of terrible things in his life. From the moment he was born, he had been sold and bought countless times and presumably had 27 owners.

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