She Rescued 7 Newborn Opossums & Brought Them Home. Now Watch What Her Dog Did To Them Next!


A mother opossum was attacked by a dog on a property in Brazil. Sadly, she died and left seven of her newborn babies to survive on their own. Soon after being found, these orphaned babies were brought to pet behaviorist Stephanie Maldonado for further evaluation. She took them to a local animal rescue, but they didn’t have any space for the babies.


That is when she decided to care for the babies herself until they were old enough to look after themselves. She fed them every couple of hours, but Stephanie knew that she needed help in order to give these babies a fighting chance at survival. This is where her dog, Pretinha, comes in. The gentle dog started caring for them as though they were her own kids.

Just take a look at this dedicated mama!



The opossum babies are happy to grow with their foster mom to look after them. They are growing stringer every day. Once they are able to survive on their own, Stephanie will release them back in the wild.


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