They Say That Every Time Their Baby Laughs, He Does THIS. OMG… I Can’t Believe It!


There is nothing precious than hearing baby’s laughter. Baby’s laughter and smiles are contagious and can make ‘anyone’ smile from the core of their heart. But this baby in the video has the most hilarious laughter ever. This video had me in tears by the end of it. You may think it is creepy, weird, or just plain cute but you cannot deny the utter hilarity of this sweet baby’s unique laugh.


Babies are always laughing. They don’t need a reason to be happy and laugh out loud. This baby in the video below too started having the laugh of his lifetime when daddy started recording him in the crib. But once you hear this baby’s unique laugh, you will be instantly reminded of some kind of villain of the Disney movies.

Watch this creepy yet hilarious video below and share your thought with us in the comments!

This baby has the world's weirdest laugh.

Posted by Huffington Post UK Comedy on Tuesday, February 24, 2015


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