She Takes A Baby Squirrel Near This Mother Cat. How The Mother Cat Responds? PRICELESS!


Animals have much more love and compassion for each other than we humans have. This video will totally prove you that. Humans adopting babies is not an unheard thing but animals adopting animals that don’t belong to their creed is actually amusing.


This kitty in the video has adopted a baby too. But her adopted baby is not a kitty rather it’s a squirrel. Surprising? Yes, but true! This mother cat had recently given birth to a bunch of adorable tiny kittens. The animal workers decided that this would be a great time to introduce yet another baby into the mix and that was an orphan baby squirrel.

The result was actually very precious. Within seconds momma cat accepted the squirrel like her very own and started licking and nurturing him. Isn’t this too adorable? Watch this video to see the response of momma kitten on seeing the squirrel. This sweet video will surely melt your heart.

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