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A local from a town in Romania heard the sound of animals crying from the bushes one day. He asked for help from an organization called Howl Of A Dog. The rescuers were expecting to see abandoned wild animals or stray dogs or cats, but according to them, they encountered one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they had ever dealt with.

Some heartless monster had thrown away a litter of puppies in a tied up bag. They were abandoned and left for dead. The morning was rainy and chilly, and their bodies were cold. The newborn babies still had their umbilical cords attached to them and it was a miracle that they had even survived. After they were taken to the center however, four of the rescued puppies died. The remaining three recovered well and are five months old now. They are awaiting adoption.

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Regular exercise helps keep your body fit and healthy. But it is an exhausting job. It can leave you drained and tired, and some of us don’t really enjoy it. And as this video shows, we aren’t the only ones who think that way. Some of our animal friends also hate working out. For example, take a look at this precious Sheltie featured below!

His owner took him to the treadmill for some much-needed running, but what the dog did next is going viral on the internet. The Sheltie had been running for 10 seconds on the machine when he started relaxing. He cheats slyly, but unfortunately for him, his mom catches him red-handed. You are going to be in stitches when you see how he reacts when she calls him out on it!

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Some pets aren’t very friendly towards the mailmen that come to their house. But the adorable little pooch featured below is not one of them. This little guy loves interacting with the mailman and he gets excited every time the man arrives at his doorstep. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see what this guy managed to capture in his camera.

This adorable dog is called Nemo. When the mailman drops by, this pooch excitedly runs outside the house to meet him. He takes the mail back inside the house, but then he comes out again. You are going to be surprised when you see why! This precious routine has been viewed by thousands of people since it was first posted! It is really cute, so I am not surprised in the least!

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Star Wars is one of the most beloved movie franchises to have ever come out. When Star Wars Episode IV was released in 1977, it managed to capture everyone’s attention. It has become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon and we are glad we still get to enjoy it to this day!

Wookies are one of the most remarkable characters from the series, the most famous being Chewbacca, aka Chewie. This adorable creature is renowned for his faithfulness to his best friend, Han Solo. He is also very popular because of the distinct sound he makes. The sound is hard to imitate for most of us, but it is not a very big problem to the cute little puppy in this video. This little guy is now learning how to howl and the sound he makes is very similar to Chewie’s sound! He has even been nicknamed “Wookiee”!

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Little Belle was caged in a puppy mill in Portugal for 12 long years. The poor dog was locked in a small cage and forced to deliver countless litter of puppies. When she was finally rescued by Bianca Associado, she was undernourished, had Leishmania, glaucoma in her left eye, ingrown nails, and no muscles. Thankfully, they treated her and found her a home with a family in the Netherlands.

But Little Belle still had a lot to overcome. She was treated for Leishmania, had to undergo surgery for severe dental problems, and she even had her eye removed. But the little girl turned out to be a survivor. Her mom says that she used to be a terrified dog, but she has opened up extremely well with time. Belle lost her eyesight completely in 2015, but with the help of her family, she is still living her life to the fullest.

Watch her amazing story below!

If you are having a bad day, just go on the internet and start watching some funny dog videos. They will no doubt lift your mood. Dogs are adorable creatures and are known to be very social as well. They are also quite the entertainers. Just take a look at Bailey for example! You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see what this precious pooch does in this clip!

Colorado was hit by a massive snowstorm one day in the late 90s. After the storm was over, Bailey’s owner decided to let her play outside for a bit. But wait till you see how much fun she had in that short time! Bailey runs around in the snow and frolics without a care. Her enthusiasm even earned her the nickname of “Bailey the Unknown Reindeer.” Wait till you see this!

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Everyone loves visiting their grandparents’ house. They always treat you in a special way, don’t they? They give you gifts and cakes and money. And they are very loving; no wonder their grandkids love them back so much. And this is true for not only humans, but for animals as well! Just take a look at this video for example!

This adorable pooch is called Georgia. She belongs to Samantha Magowan, but she is a nana’s girl. She loves to visit her frequently. In the video, she finds out that she is going to nana’s house in her mom’s car. But wait till you see Georgia’s reaction. Every time her owner says the word “nana”, the adorable pooch ends up having the cutest response ever!

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There are lots of incredible breeds of dogs in the world. Different dogs have different personalities. Saint Bernards are known for their sweet and gentle nature. They are even called the “babysitters”. German Shepherds are renowned all over for their intelligence, while tiny Yorkies are the same. The video below features one of the most beautiful breeds on the planet – the huskies.

Huskies are known to be really talkative and vocal. Just take a look at this adorable pooch for example. His mom wants him to go to bed early, but he doesn’t agree. Because of this, they tend to have arguments from time to time. When the woman asks the pooch to go and lie down, he cracks her up with his response. Wait till you see what he “says”.

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This dog in the video is called Mosses. He immediately realized why he was brought to the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, California when he got there. His owner was there to surrender him to the shelter, and poor Moses was trying his best to change her mind. He even clung to her and did everything that he could do to make her take him along.

Nancy Klein observed this heart touching moment when she was just about to leave the shelter. Moses’ owner was moving houses, and the dog was not allowed in the new house. He crawled into Nancy’s lap hoping that she would take him home. Moses doesn’t want to spend time at a shelter again because he has already lived at one before.

Moses is good with cats, dogs, and children. If you want to help this poor dog, contact Stanislaus Animal Shelter Agency at 209.558.7387. Moses’ identification number is ID#A436891.

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Many videos on the internet show us the incredible bond that dogs and babies share. In some, you can see them playing with each other; while in others, you can see them “talking” with one another. This clip shows a baby and dog sleeping side by side. After seeing them dozing off, your heart will melt, without a doubt.

So the two already seem to have formed a special bond. They are in a deep sleep, and although the dog is snoring pretty loudly, the baby seems to be unaffected by it. Maybe the noise from the pooch comes off as a lullaby to the little guy. Just wait till you see them sleep it off to wake up the next day fully energized!

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Susan Hilden decides to call for help after noticing Daisy roaming around in Hollister. With the help from Diana, a wildlife rescue specialist from Hollister Animal Lost and Found, she manages to track down the dog’s owner. Together, they find out that the dog had run away from his new home after only two days of getting adopted from the shelter.

Daisy roamed alone for two months, and those who tried always failed to capture her. They would feed her, but she still wouldn’t come close to get captured. That’s when they called in a six-year-old girl named Megan for help. Megan and her mom fostered 75 dogs last year, and that’s saying a lot! Megan goes up to Daisy and succeeds in befriending the pooch. Daisy now lives with Susan’s granddaughter, Ava, and she has become good friends with Megan.

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All those who think that animals don’t have any feelings whatsoever should know better. Sure, they express it in a way that’s completely new to us, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t filled with any emotions. After watching the clip below, you will soon realize how affectionate animals really are!

At the start of this video, the German shepherd looks as if he’s about to pound whatever is hiding underneath the parked car. But when tiny puppies start coming from underneath, he starts playing with them. You can clearly see his excitement to spend time with his little ones. Just wait till you see this adorable dog frolicking around the tiny pups!

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Many people feel that dogs came to this world to comfort us in the hardest of times. Since they are highly intelligent and friendly, they have been used in almost everything there is, from guarding to the military works. You may have heard of many such moving reunions of dogs. The clip below is one of them, and it features one of the most emotional moments you’ll ever see.

Pax, the dog in the clip, was trained to be a service dog. Injured Iraqi veteran Bill Campbell has adopted this dog, but before that, he was trained at a women’s correctional facility. One day, in an attempt to reunite Pax with his trainer, Bill takes him to the facility. The pooch, as soon as he gets there, knows exactly where he is. When you see their moving reunion, you won’t be able to hold back your tears!

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Dogs are truly amazing creatures! They have the ability to understand people and comfort them in a way that seems almost impossible. Maybe that’s the reason why we love spending time with them so much. The man in the video is fond of his puppy. When you see their interaction, you’ll end up smiling from ear to ear!

This dog has never tasted peanut butter in his life before. One day, to let him know what it tastes like, his owner gives him a mouthful. The pooch after tasting the treat reacts in the most adorable way. I am really glad that the owner recorded a video to share his dog’s hilarious response with us. For those of you thinking peanut butter is unsafe for dogs, the owner has given his word that it is safe and did not contain xylitol.

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Like humans, animals too grow old and suffer from different health-related problems. Sometimes, owners leave their dogs’ side after not being able to tend to their care, while other times dogs go on to outlive their owners. In such cases, dogs end up in shelters or get moved to a new home.

House With A Heart is a pet sanctuary that has been proving care to the aging dogs with no family. Sher Polvinale runs it in Gaithersburg, Maryland. With the help of her coworkers, Sher is taking care of more than twenty dogs. They are trying everything in their power to make sure that these dogs feel at home.

“We have dogs come to live with us until the end of their life, and we make sure that the end of their life is full of love and caring [and] lots of attention, and [we] make sure they get all the medical care they need,” says Sher.


Many of the dogs in the sanctuary arrived from shelters, or from owners who retired to nursing homes or passed away. The sanctuary ensures that these dogs get a loving home and they won’t be passed along to any shelter or to a new owner who is unable to provide for their needs. Even though they might not be with their previous owners, they are still getting the love and care that they deserve from the sanctuary.

“This is the end,” Sher says, “but it’s a happy end.”


The medical expenses of the dogs in the sanctuary are expensive, but they are covered by short-term care plans and donations from supporters.

Even for dogs with walking impairments, House With a Heart provides room and equipment to play and exercise.


Thanks to them, Spencer, in the picture below, will be making a miraculous recovery.


Every morning, Sher gets up at six. She starts feeding the dogs and gives them their medications. Until the end of the day, she gets busy looking after their needs.


Volunteers arrive later in the morning to help with housekeeping and grooming. They also play with these senior dogs.

Sher doesn’t usually leave the house because of the big responsibility towards the dogs. She feels that the ultimate fulfillment is being able to take care of these dogs.


Harriette Sackler, the vice president of the House With a Heart, is responsible for the transportation of dogs in cases of emergencies or visits to the vet.

“One of the duties that I like least is I am usually with the dogs when we say goodbye to them. We always want to be there with the pets, we never let them leave this world alone. They’re loved until the very last moment and beyond.”

To remember the dogs that passed away at the sanctuary, House With a Heart has created the “Stairway To Heaven,” a collection of photographs of each of the dog.

Watch the video below:

Regardless of what people think, talking to our pets at home is not at all a weird thing. In fact, many of you may have a “chat” with your animal now and then. The conversation gets really exciting when they listen and reply to you. The French bulldog in the video has done just that. Just wait till you see him “talking” back to dad.

Dad loves having a chat with his Frenchie called Jim. In this video, he has recorded himself in a conversation with his dog. As you see in the clip, this pooch is ecstatic to talk with his owner. He barks in the cutest way and tries to interact with him from time to time. Just wait till you see this adorable dog for yourself!

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After a hectic day at work, try relaxing in the hot tub at your home. Many people feel that the hot water provides therapeutic treatment and helps them loosen up their tense muscles. This is the reason why so many people love getting in the hot tub. But it seems as if we aren’t the only ones who want to take it easy and relax in the hot tub. As this video shows, dogs are just as happy as we are!

The puggle in the video is named Cuzzie. He is the happiest when he gets to take a soak in the hot tub. Danny Sam, his owner, says, “Cuzzie loves the jet in the hot tub against his back. He will hop in and press against the jet and croon his pleasure.” However, Cuzzie’s life was completely different from the life he’s enjoying today. If not for Sam, Cuzzie would have met a miserable end.

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