Saturday, February 25, 2017

Some animals love playing in water. They don’t mind jumping around in puddles or soaking up the rain. They even dive headfirst into a river if they ever come across one. But then there are those who absolutely abhor it. And this adorable hedgehog featured below is one of them. Wait till you see how he reacts when he realizes it’s time for a bath.

His owner decided he needed a bath, but this little guy is not very eager about it. He tries his best to climb out of the empty sink, but in vain. He tries his luck even when the water starts filling up, but he doesn’t succeed. But as it turns out, he doesn;t hate everything about baths. The one thing he actually enjoys is getting scrubbed by his owner. Wait till you see his reaction!

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Regular exercise helps keep your body fit and healthy. But it is an exhausting job. It can leave you drained and tired, and some of us don’t really enjoy it. And as this video shows, we aren’t the only ones who think that way. Some of our animal friends also hate working out. For example, take a look at this precious Sheltie featured below!

His owner took him to the treadmill for some much-needed running, but what the dog did next is going viral on the internet. The Sheltie had been running for 10 seconds on the machine when he started relaxing. He cheats slyly, but unfortunately for him, his mom catches him red-handed. You are going to be in stitches when you see how he reacts when she calls him out on it!

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Some pets aren’t very friendly towards the mailmen that come to their house. But the adorable little pooch featured below is not one of them. This little guy loves interacting with the mailman and he gets excited every time the man arrives at his doorstep. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see what this guy managed to capture in his camera.

This adorable dog is called Nemo. When the mailman drops by, this pooch excitedly runs outside the house to meet him. He takes the mail back inside the house, but then he comes out again. You are going to be surprised when you see why! This precious routine has been viewed by thousands of people since it was first posted! It is really cute, so I am not surprised in the least!

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Ventriloquism is one of the most entertaining things in the world. But not everyone can do it. It is very hard and it requires a lot of dedication. You can only be a good ventriloquist if you put in a lot of work. It also needs confidence. In order to grab the attention of your audience, you need to make them laugh without opening your mouth – and that is hard.

This little girl is called Darci Farmer and she is just a 6th grader. She performed this amazing act in August as a way of welcoming her teachers and classmates back to school. Everyone was impressed when she displayed her ventriloquist skills, but the crowd lost it when Darci sang “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”. Wait till you see this!

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Star Wars is one of the most beloved movie franchises to have ever come out. When Star Wars Episode IV was released in 1977, it managed to capture everyone’s attention. It has become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon and we are glad we still get to enjoy it to this day!

Wookies are one of the most remarkable characters from the series, the most famous being Chewbacca, aka Chewie. This adorable creature is renowned for his faithfulness to his best friend, Han Solo. He is also very popular because of the distinct sound he makes. The sound is hard to imitate for most of us, but it is not a very big problem to the cute little puppy in this video. This little guy is now learning how to howl and the sound he makes is very similar to Chewie’s sound! He has even been nicknamed “Wookiee”!

Watch this precious clip below!

Gas stations are not really an exciting place to hang out. Getting gas is not the most interesting thing in the world, but it is a necessity. It can get really boring too, especially if you have to wait for your turn. However, you are guaranteed to be entertained if you somehow encounter people like the one featured in the video below.

This poor lady was trying to get some gas, but what she ended up doing at the station has managed to leave the internet in stitches. She struggles to figure out how to position her car properly to fill it up, but nothing seems to work for her. She might just be having a bad day. Finally she succeeds, but her previous attempts will surely crack you up!

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It is often said that a kid’s brain is like a sponge. Little children can observe and learn things very quickly. They are also incredible when it comes to copying their elders. Just take a look at this adorable baby for example! He was spending some time with his loving grandfather, but what happened next left everyone laughing out loud.

Kids have a strong bond with their grandparents. Grandparents love spoiling them with gifts and unlimited love. They also love spending time together and laughing at absolutely nothing. And this duo is no different. Every time he sees his granddad laugh, this little boy joins in immediately. This makes his grandpa laugh even more! Wait till you see this for yourself!

Watch this sweet clip below! Did this silly duo crack you up? Feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

If you are having a bad day, just go on the internet and start watching some funny dog videos. They will no doubt lift your mood. Dogs are adorable creatures and are known to be very social as well. They are also quite the entertainers. Just take a look at Bailey for example! You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see what this precious pooch does in this clip!

Colorado was hit by a massive snowstorm one day in the late 90s. After the storm was over, Bailey’s owner decided to let her play outside for a bit. But wait till you see how much fun she had in that short time! Bailey runs around in the snow and frolics without a care. Her enthusiasm even earned her the nickname of “Bailey the Unknown Reindeer.” Wait till you see this!

Watch Bailey’s love for the snow below! Did you enjoy this as much as we did? Let us know in the comments!

Everyone loves visiting their grandparents’ house. They always treat you in a special way, don’t they? They give you gifts and cakes and money. And they are very loving; no wonder their grandkids love them back so much. And this is true for not only humans, but for animals as well! Just take a look at this video for example!

This adorable pooch is called Georgia. She belongs to Samantha Magowan, but she is a nana’s girl. She loves to visit her frequently. In the video, she finds out that she is going to nana’s house in her mom’s car. But wait till you see Georgia’s reaction. Every time her owner says the word “nana”, the adorable pooch ends up having the cutest response ever!

Watch this sweet little video below! Did this bring a smile to your face? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

Comedy Barn has been around for 23 years now. It has been voted the most award winning family comedy variety show in the Smoky Mountains year after year. Their website states that they are “the most successful and most attended clean comedy theater in the world”. The theater features magicians, jugglers, ventriloquists, comedians, and live country and gospel music from all over. It also encourages audience participation.

During one of the shows, a man named Doug Collins was invited onstage. Everything went smoothly until Doug started cracking up. You are going to be left in complete stitches when you hear his laughter. It is one of the most contagious things you will ever hear. He even appeared on the Skype laughter chain. The four men then performed a hilarious parody of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Check out this hilarious video below! Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

There are lots of incredible breeds of dogs in the world. Different dogs have different personalities. Saint Bernards are known for their sweet and gentle nature. They are even called the “babysitters”. German Shepherds are renowned all over for their intelligence, while tiny Yorkies are the same. The video below features one of the most beautiful breeds on the planet – the huskies.

Huskies are known to be really talkative and vocal. Just take a look at this adorable pooch for example. His mom wants him to go to bed early, but he doesn’t agree. Because of this, they tend to have arguments from time to time. When the woman asks the pooch to go and lie down, he cracks her up with his response. Wait till you see what he “says”.

Watch this cute little video below! Did this crack you up? Share what you thought about it in the comments section!

People from the South have a completely different way of saying things. Unlike those from the other regions, they know their next door neighbors. The food in the South is down-home, and the tea is sweet. But what makes a Southerner different from the rest of us, is the way they give directions! This video shows a GPS system that gives directions like a southerner.

To give an idea of how southerners give directions, these two men made this hilarious video. A GPS system sounds funny as well as confusing when it gives directions as a southerner. The men lose their way time and again because of the hard to follow instructions. The differences in markers and landmarks further complicate things.

Watch the video below. Did it crack you up? Let us know in the comments section!

Even the bravest gets scared to do things they are not familiar with. This rule holds true for not only humans but animals as well. Who would have expected horses, an animal so brave and strong, to have a fear? The horse in the video below has an unexpected reaction after coming across a ditch. But how he overcomes his fear will leave you in disbelief!

This horse is from the Holsteiner breed, and he is named Commando. Sure he looks big and strong, but he has a fear like the rest of us. This horse doesn’t seem to be able to deal with ditches. He is a beginner, and he is only recently learning how to jump over them. When he tries his best to jump over a ditch, this is what happens!

Watch the video below. Were you in hysterics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Kids are amazing; they are never afraid to do what they love, and they speak their mind without showing any hesitations whatsoever. The kid in the clip has strong opinions about marriage, and he is about to share them with his dad. Just wait till you hear his thoughts on marriage, kissing, and fatherhood!

“I don’t want to be married at all! Are you kidding? I would be scared!” says the kid to his father. After hearing him, I can’t help but think that this kid has already thought this through. Unlike many kids, he doesn’t like the idea of getting marriage. He even explains to his dad why he doesn’t want to kiss anyone and have kids.

Watch the clip below. What did you think of this adorable boy? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Almost every one of us is a huge fan of horses. There’s just something about them that draws us towards them. But did you know that there are some horses that are goofier than the others? The clip below features a group of horses that love being silly every so often. Just wait till you see this hilarious Volkswagen advertisement!

This man was trying to back up and park a horse trailer in the farm. However, all his efforts were to no avail. The horses on the farm see the man and start laughing at his efforts. Just then, a Volkswagen driver comes to the scene and nails the parking routine. The poor horses have nothing to laugh about after seeing the man do a perfect back up!

Watch the video below. Did it crack you up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

This commercial by Furkids animal shelter is one of the funniest advertisements you’ll ever see. It is titled “Kitty Kommercial,” and it tries to prove to the world that you don’t need a high-budget to produce a good ad. The headquarters of the rescue organization lies in Atlanta, Georgia. So they got a native Atlantan, Paul Preston, to act in the commercial. It only took around 30 minutes to film this ad.

Preston acts like a used car salesman to get the adorable cats adopted. He has performed like an experienced comedian, but the strange thing is that in real life he is a contractor with a rental property management company. His sister came up with the idea for this funny commercial. Working as a regular volunteer at Furkids, she felt that this role would suit her brother well.

Watch the funny clip below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Dogs are truly amazing creatures! They have the ability to understand people and comfort them in a way that seems almost impossible. Maybe that’s the reason why we love spending time with them so much. The man in the video is fond of his puppy. When you see their interaction, you’ll end up smiling from ear to ear!

This dog has never tasted peanut butter in his life before. One day, to let him know what it tastes like, his owner gives him a mouthful. The pooch after tasting the treat reacts in the most adorable way. I am really glad that the owner recorded a video to share his dog’s hilarious response with us. For those of you thinking peanut butter is unsafe for dogs, the owner has given his word that it is safe and did not contain xylitol.

Watch the video below. What did you think of this puppy’s response? Let us know in the comments section!

With all the hilarious clips on the internet, I think it is safe to call animals funny beings. Sometimes, it even feels as if they came into this world to entertain us. This video shows one of such hysterical moments of a rooster. After seeing what he does in the clip, you surely won’t be able to hold back your laughter.

As we all know, roosters crow very early in the dawn. Their call is almost impossible not to identify, so we always have that typical sound in mind whenever we see a rooster. However, this particular rooster from China is different from all his counterparts. His call begins in a similar manner but ends in a totally unexpected way. I have to admit – I never thought that he would laugh every time he did the call!

Watch the video below. Did it make you smile? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

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