Thursday, January 19, 2017

There’s nothing worse than being around a snorer. Not only do you not get enough sleep but also wake up the next day tired and frustrated. What’s even annoying is that the person who snores is unaware of all that they’re responsible for. The comedian in the video below has thought of an amazing way to tackle his problem.

Tal Solomon doesn’t get enough rest because of his snoring Cavalier King Charles spaniel. One day, Tal thinks of the most brilliant way to give his pooch a taste of his own medicine. He films the snoring dog and replays the video while the dog’s asleep. The pooch wakes up in confusion and responds in a funny manner.

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Everyone loves seeing magicians perform. We all try our best trying to figure out how the trick is done, but the majority of us can’t come up with an answer. It seems as if we aren’t the only ones who are left baffled by a magic trick. Our furry friends too are confused after observing magic. Just wait till you see this dog’s reaction when dad shows her a trick!

Meet Aco – a Shiba Inu! She lives in Hokkaido, Japan with her family. One day, her owner decided to show her a trick. He kneeled down so that she could get a clear view of what he was doing. He performed a trick with a biscuit. He made the biscuit disappear right before the pooch’s eyes. Aco’s puzzled reaction after witnessing the trick is just too funny!

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We all know that dogs are loyal animals. Sometimes along with their faithfulness, we get to see their funny side as well. I am sure you have watched some hilarious clips of dogs yourself. This video is one of them, and it shows a dog that is sound asleep. What this dog does in his sleep will leave you in hysterics for sure!

This adorable puppy is Mike. His owner can’t help but film Mike in his spare time. That is just what he was doing one day; he was recording his pooch while he was sleeping. However, he had no idea that he would end up capturing a hilarious moment. Mike lets out a fart in his sleep and wakes up in a fright. The pooch’s reaction is something that left even his owner in hysterics. Just wait till you see this for yourself!

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Who can babysit better than grandmas? They are not just gentle, but also know a lot of ways to calm a crying baby. Their experience makes them the best babysitters ever! You will soon find out what I am trying to say, after watching the adorable granny in the video. Nikki Sharp Bishop uploaded this video with the description, “Mom is going to kill me, but I had to post.”

This video has already had more than 50 million views, and it looks like it is just getting started. Little Lola’s room has a baby monitor since Nikki wants to keep an eye on her baby at all times. But when she happened upon the footage when grandma was babysitting, she decided to share it with the entire world. This clip will put you in stitches without a doubt!

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So much can be learned about animal behavior by the way they act in their natural habitat. That is when they feel most at home, and behave in the most natural way. Animal behaviorists observe and study animals in their natural habitat to know more about their mating cycles, feeding habits and their roles in the ecosystem. When researchers set up cameras to observe bears in the Canadian Rockies, they ended up capturing something quite incredible!

The bears were caught “dancing” alone in the woods. Technically, they were just scratching their backs, That is what bears do when they need to scratch an itch—they just lean against something and wiggle until the itch goes away. It looks funny as it is, but when “Jungle Boogie” is played at the background, things get even more interesting!

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Boxers are one of the most popular breeds in the US. Their happy personalities really win you over! They also have very big eyes and expressive faces, which make them look even more cuter. They are said to be the sixth most registered breed in the ASPCA, so you can tell they are a real crowd pleaser. The one thing they share with all other dog breeds is their hate for baths!

Mylo the boxer is not a big fan of baths. When mom calls him for his regular shower, he lets her know very clearly that he is not pleased at all. He sits adamantly on the floor, not moving even an inch. She coaxes him so much, but he wasn’t having any of it. His face says it all, doesn’t it? Only after ages of urging him does he finally give in!

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Winter season is really beautiful. And it gets even more stunning when it snows. I am sure you have played many times out in the cold weather. Who wouldn’t love playing in the snow right? And as this video shows, our animal friends are not an exception. They love the snow as much as their human counterparts! Just take a look at this cute dog!

This precious pooch is named Fingal. He is a Maremma/Pyrenees sheep dog who is a big fan of the snow. During the final days of winter last year, this adorable dog went up a hill with his family. Then he started sliding down the snow-covered hill over and over again. He knew just what he needed to do in order to have fun! Wait till you see him go!

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Cats are known to absolutely loathe water. But dogs aren’t very far behind. Canines are known to hate water as much as their feline counterparts. Many of us know of their aversion towards water. If you are a dog owner, you have probably been through hell to give your pooch a bath. But it looks like some owners are quite lucky when it comes to doggie bath time.

Lena the Rottweiler loves water. This little girl enjoys showering more than you could ever imagine! She even takes showers in secret. One day her mom heard the shower running and decided to check out who was in the bath. To her disbelief, she found Lena relaxing in the tub. You are going to be in stitches when you see how she interacts with her mom.

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There are many dog breeds, and each of them is known for having a certain trait. If you look around, you will find that every dog is different from their counterparts. Some are so lazy that all they seem to want is chill on the couch. Take for example, Bulldogs. This breed of dogs is perhaps best known for their laziness.

This is compilation video; it shows Bulldogs at their best. After watching this clip, I got to understand how awesome Bulldogs really are. Their cool attitude and their goofy behavior make them the perfect companions we could ever ask for. Just sit back and enjoy this entertaining clip!

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Who doesn’t know Mishka? This husky is already a celebrity on the internet! You may have seen some of her adorable clips yourself. It all started when the video of her “talking” with her owner, got posted online. Since then, we have gotten to see a lot more of her. The clip below shows Mishka in a serious conversation with her sibling, Laika.

As you know, many people are starting to prefer cats over dogs. Mishka is not happy about this, and she doesn’t understand why the felines are getting so much attention. So starts ranting off about this situation to Laika. Poor Laika has got no choice, but to listen to the complaints from Mishka. You’ll crack up without a doubt, after listening to her angry outbursts!

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Only dog owners understand the difficulties that may arise while raising a dog. You can even say that dogs and children are similar to some extent. You have to worry about a million things, one of which is the mess in your home. These dog owners had to go through something similar. When they were not around, their Huskies made a huge mess in the hallway.

Meet Phoenix and Dakota – the two adorable huskies in the video. They are hiding a lot behind their innocent faces. Their owners when they enter inside, are surprised to find a messy hallway. So they start questioning their dogs about what happened. Upon getting approached, both these dogs start howling. From the looks of it, they sure do look guilty, don’t they?

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Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays in the world. Most people wait eagerly for Christmas to knock at their doors. But as this video shows, humans aren’t the only ones who are filled with joy during the holidays. This dog is also a big fan – just wait till you see what he does when he hears about Christmas!

All animals try their best to perform at “The Xmas Factor.” Yes, you read that right! This show has been renamed after the “The X Factor.” Singing animals in hopes of getting noticed by the world, participate in the show. Two cool cats are picked to be the judges, and from the looks of it, they are not at all easy to impress!

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There are some animals that enjoy getting petted, and there are others that claw at you for just getting close. Dogs are probably the most affection-desiring animal. But did any of you know that even parrots love getting scratched? The parrot in this video seeks attention in a way that’s adorable and funny at the same time!

This parrot is called Tweety. She was named after the fictional character from Looney Tunes. This adorable bird just wants to be scratched by dad. She clearly seems to be loving all the attention she’s getting. But as soon as dad stops, Tweety loses it! She loudly squawks to express her discontent about the matter!

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Most of us hate getting up early in the morning. And why wouldn’t we, right? This English Bulldog in the video is also a big fan of sleeping till late morning. Mom wants her pooch to be get up and go outside to use the potty. But Elvis just wants to spend time relaxing and taking long naps.

Bulldogs are referred to as the laziest of all dog breeds by some. Those of you who own a bulldog might have noticed them preferring their sleep over everything else. This bulldog is no different. All he wants to do is chill on the couch. How Elvis ignores mom’s request is going to put you in hysterics without a doubt!

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With the hectic life schedule we have nowadays, it has become almost impossible to take care of ourselves. But did you know that laughing has a beneficial effect on the body? So whenever you get the time, you should listen to jokes to enjoy a good laugh. And what better joke than the classic ones that start with someone walking into a bar?

A monkey after entering a bar walks up to the bartender to tell him a joke. The joke is about a penguin that goes to the mechanic after his car breaks down. To pass the time he goes to buy an ice-cream, but clumsily spills it on his feet. When he goes back to where the car is, the mechanic notices his feet. Then they have the funniest conversation of all time!

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Christmas is almost here. While everyone is excited for this beloved holiday, there are some that don’t seem too happy at this time of the year. Take for example this bullmastiff in the video. He is named Norman, and for some reason, he doesn’t like Christmas. He hates every song that revolves around this holiday.

Despite how Norman feels, dad still wants to get his dog into the holiday spirit. So one day, he begins singing the famous “The 12 Days of Christmas” to his dog. The pooch’s reaction upon hearing his owner’s voice is pure gold. He looks so unimpressed and seems as if he wants his owner to stop singing. Just wait till you see his hilarious response for yourself!

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Many of us don’t want to spend time with our families during the holidays. These five dads show us the true meaning of Christmas and hope to get us in the holiday spirit. They go by the name of the “Christmas Jumpers.” Watching them dance in their quirky sweaters will surely crack you up!

These dads dance to a dubstep remix of the classic “Dance Of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” I have to say, how they performed on the stage was amazing. Even though these dads are referred to as amateurs, they have got some “smooth” moves. You will without a doubt, have a huge smile on your face after seeing them dance!

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Most of you may have seen some videos of huskies “talking.” These dogs, aside from their beautiful looks, are famous for their wonderful personalities. This is the reason why so many people have started adopting them. If you own a husky, you probably know that they can be the most stubborn animal from time to time.

This husky is called Zeus. He already has a few videos of him on the internet. You might have seen the one where he argues with his owner when she asks him to get off the sofa or the other where he refuses to get out of the bathtub. In this clip, he does less of the arguing. Zeus poops on the carpet. When his owner comes looking for the truth, watch what he does!

Watch this video below! Wasn’t this dog funny? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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