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A local from a town in Romania heard the sound of animals crying from the bushes one day. He asked for help from an organization called Howl Of A Dog. The rescuers were expecting to see abandoned wild animals or stray dogs or cats, but according to them, they encountered one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they had ever dealt with.

Some heartless monster had thrown away a litter of puppies in a tied up bag. They were abandoned and left for dead. The morning was rainy and chilly, and their bodies were cold. The newborn babies still had their umbilical cords attached to them and it was a miracle that they had even survived. After they were taken to the center however, four of the rescued puppies died. The remaining three recovered well and are five months old now. They are awaiting adoption.

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Little Belle was caged in a puppy mill in Portugal for 12 long years. The poor dog was locked in a small cage and forced to deliver countless litter of puppies. When she was finally rescued by Bianca Associado, she was undernourished, had Leishmania, glaucoma in her left eye, ingrown nails, and no muscles. Thankfully, they treated her and found her a home with a family in the Netherlands.

But Little Belle still had a lot to overcome. She was treated for Leishmania, had to undergo surgery for severe dental problems, and she even had her eye removed. But the little girl turned out to be a survivor. Her mom says that she used to be a terrified dog, but she has opened up extremely well with time. Belle lost her eyesight completely in 2015, but with the help of her family, she is still living her life to the fullest.

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This dog in the video is called Mosses. He immediately realized why he was brought to the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, California when he got there. His owner was there to surrender him to the shelter, and poor Moses was trying his best to change her mind. He even clung to her and did everything that he could do to make her take him along.

Nancy Klein observed this heart touching moment when she was just about to leave the shelter. Moses’ owner was moving houses, and the dog was not allowed in the new house. He crawled into Nancy’s lap hoping that she would take him home. Moses doesn’t want to spend time at a shelter again because he has already lived at one before.

Moses is good with cats, dogs, and children. If you want to help this poor dog, contact Stanislaus Animal Shelter Agency at 209.558.7387. Moses’ identification number is ID#A436891.

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Many people feel that dogs came to this world to comfort us in the hardest of times. Since they are highly intelligent and friendly, they have been used in almost everything there is, from guarding to the military works. You may have heard of many such moving reunions of dogs. The clip below is one of them, and it features one of the most emotional moments you’ll ever see.

Pax, the dog in the clip, was trained to be a service dog. Injured Iraqi veteran Bill Campbell has adopted this dog, but before that, he was trained at a women’s correctional facility. One day, in an attempt to reunite Pax with his trainer, Bill takes him to the facility. The pooch, as soon as he gets there, knows exactly where he is. When you see their moving reunion, you won’t be able to hold back your tears!

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Dog fighting began in the early 19th century in America, and still today, you can hear many such cases of pooches getting injured because of this illegal activity. Sometimes, it feels as if humans are the devils themselves. How can any person in their right mind think that dog fighting is an entertaining activity? The pooch in the clip is named Jax, and he is only one of the thousands of sufferers.

Jax is only five months old, but he has had some disturbing experiences in his life. Because of dog fighting, Jax collapsed on a stranger’s porch one day. When help came to his rescue, they found life threatening punctures to his head and neck. Fortunately, Jax got rescued in the nick of time, and he has at last, got someone to take care of him.

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North America provides shelter to over 300 Asian elephants. One of them is Shirley, a 52-year-old elephant. Her keeper, Solomon James, has been doing his best to comfort Shirley at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo. For 22 years, Shirley’s life has been confined to the same plot of grass and concrete stall. This big elephant hasn’t seen another of her kind for the past two decades. So Solomon stays with her all the time to ensure that she doesn’t feel alone.

However, things were never going to be the same again. The zoo realized that couldn’t give Shirley the life that she truly deserved. So they decided to transfer her to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary, where she will be spending time with other elephants. Solomon had to say goodbye to his good friend of 22 years. Just wait till you see their touching interaction.

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Irena Sendler was born on the 15th of February, 1910 in Warsaw, Poland. She was seven years old when her father passed away. Before the man left the world, he taught her a valuable life lesson – to always help people in times of need. Her amazing life’s work seemed to be forgotten by history, until recently. Irena had a deep interest in medicine thanks to her father, one of the most well-respected doctors at that time. After becoming a licensed nurse, she began working with the Warsaw Social Welfare Department, near one of the worst areas for Jewish families during World War II – the Warsaw Ghetto.

Irena gave out food, clothing, and other essential items to the needy. Even though she was a devout Catholic, she helped the Jewish people who were in dire need. While working near the Warsaw Ghetto, she was introduced to an underground resistance organization called “Zegota.” What this group tried to do was free the Jews from the ghettos before they were taken to death camps. Irena along with the help of other members tried to sneak out Jewish children from the ghettos. While some parents were a little hesitant, others allowed her to free their children to safety.

Irena saved countless Jewish children from the Nazi and helped them to escape punishment. When she was trying to sneak some children over the border into the free “Aryan land,” she was caught by the Nazis. Some of her friends helped her escape from the prison, but both of her arms got broken due to the interrogations from commanding officers. Irena spent the rest of her life, living under an assumed name and running from Nazi persecution. Although she was in danger, she got back home to retrieve something that would help the children she saved one more time. She wrote the name of every kid she hid in the metal cans in her neighbor’s yard. Irena dug up the cans once the war was over, and helped the kids reunite with their families. Many passed away due to the disease in the ghetto, but several had a reunion thanks to her.

Before she passed away at 98 years of age, she had the chance to meet with the families she helped during her years with Zegota. This brave woman is a huge inspiration to everyone. Let us all thank her for her hard work from the bottom of our hearts.

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Diamond Blackfan Anemia is a rare disorder of the bone marrow that prevents it from producing red blood cells. Audrey Nethery, an eight-year-old girl, suffers from this disorder. She spent most of her childhood in hospice because of the different medical treatments that she needed to have. This brave girl doesn’t let her condition get the best of her. Steve Battey, a Grammy Award-winning music producer, is only one of the millions who is inspired by this little girl.

Steve reached out to Audrey and asked her to take part in his music video series, Singing for Superheroes. This series provides a chance to the children suffering from rare illness, to produce homemade music. Audrey sings her original song, “Life is Beautiful.” After seeing her sing, you’ll surely fall in love with her!

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Like humans, animals too grow old and suffer from different health-related problems. Sometimes, owners leave their dogs’ side after not being able to tend to their care, while other times dogs go on to outlive their owners. In such cases, dogs end up in shelters or get moved to a new home.

House With A Heart is a pet sanctuary that has been proving care to the aging dogs with no family. Sher Polvinale runs it in Gaithersburg, Maryland. With the help of her coworkers, Sher is taking care of more than twenty dogs. They are trying everything in their power to make sure that these dogs feel at home.

“We have dogs come to live with us until the end of their life, and we make sure that the end of their life is full of love and caring [and] lots of attention, and [we] make sure they get all the medical care they need,” says Sher.


Many of the dogs in the sanctuary arrived from shelters, or from owners who retired to nursing homes or passed away. The sanctuary ensures that these dogs get a loving home and they won’t be passed along to any shelter or to a new owner who is unable to provide for their needs. Even though they might not be with their previous owners, they are still getting the love and care that they deserve from the sanctuary.

“This is the end,” Sher says, “but it’s a happy end.”


The medical expenses of the dogs in the sanctuary are expensive, but they are covered by short-term care plans and donations from supporters.

Even for dogs with walking impairments, House With a Heart provides room and equipment to play and exercise.


Thanks to them, Spencer, in the picture below, will be making a miraculous recovery.


Every morning, Sher gets up at six. She starts feeding the dogs and gives them their medications. Until the end of the day, she gets busy looking after their needs.


Volunteers arrive later in the morning to help with housekeeping and grooming. They also play with these senior dogs.

Sher doesn’t usually leave the house because of the big responsibility towards the dogs. She feels that the ultimate fulfillment is being able to take care of these dogs.


Harriette Sackler, the vice president of the House With a Heart, is responsible for the transportation of dogs in cases of emergencies or visits to the vet.

“One of the duties that I like least is I am usually with the dogs when we say goodbye to them. We always want to be there with the pets, we never let them leave this world alone. They’re loved until the very last moment and beyond.”

To remember the dogs that passed away at the sanctuary, House With a Heart has created the “Stairway To Heaven,” a collection of photographs of each of the dog.

Watch the video below:

Alzhiemer’s disease is a degenerative illness that affects the nervous system. It has no cure, and once it is diagnosed, it only gets worse. People have trouble with memory and even movement. It is heartbreaking, both for the patient and the family and friend around him, to see the patient forget even his spouse and children. But there are things that even Alzheimer’s can’t take away—just look at the man in the following video!

This video shows a father and song duo, Mac and Ted McDermott. Ted was diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s, and now was showing signs of memory loss. Despite that, he was still able to remember a song called “Quando Quando Quando”. This video shows him singing it enthusiastically while his son drives around. It is amazing to see how powerfully music leaves an impact on a person, isn’t it?

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People still tend to think that animals are not as sensitive has human beings when it comes to feelings. That is simply not true. Animals may not be able to speak, but they are able to feel just like us. They get happy to be with their herd, and they get sad when they lose a loved one. The horse in the following video is a perfect example of this.

Sereno the horse was in for a bad surprise. His owner, Wagner Lima, had been killed in a lethal accident on New Year’s Eve. Family and friends had come to mourn his loss, but it was Sereno’s gesture that really touched everyone’s hearts. The horse smelled his coffin, then laid his head on the casket, as if to say goodbye. Without even speaking any words, Sereno was able to express his grief in a touching moment.

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Pets should be treated as a part of the family. Sadly, many don’t fulfill their responsibility towards their pets to the fullest. Many abandon their cats and dogs for the shallowest reasons. When it comes to fish, people are even less attached and don’t care about them much. But there are a few exceptional cases, just like the one in the following video.

Sally, the 23-year-old goldfish, was having trouble swimming. She was struggling, and her owner was very concerned about it. So they decided to help the old family pet out. They created an improvised lifejacket, using a cork and some bikini string. It might sound crazy, but it worked! Sally now swims normally, thanks to the clever jacket that her owner devised!

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When he was born, Deepak Paswan’s mother had to go through a complicated surgery. The woman thought she was having twins, but it was discovered that one of the twins was too underdeveloped to make it through the pregnancy. But things weren’t easy for the surviving twin either. The little boy from Bihar, India had to bear the burden of his parasitic twin, with extra legs and arms of his would-be sibling protruding from his belly.

Deepak carried his twin for the first seven years of his life. He was teased and called horrible names like “devil” and “freak” since he had four extra limbs in his body. In his community, he was called the “Eight-Limbed Boy.” Deepak’s family was too poor to afford surgery. But in June 2010, doctors at the Fortis Hospital Bangalore decided to give him a free surgery. He now looks like any other kid. Deepak says, “I can run faster than my two elder brothers — before I could never keep up. I really like my new body. It’s much more fun. I am very happy.”

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In June 2016, customers in East Anchorage Lowe’s, AK, were in for a shock. Shoppers around the parking lot could only look on in amazement when a mama moose wandered into the mall’s premises and gave birth to her calf right there. The calf took his time to get up to his feet, while his mom waited patiently. Lowe’s employees enclosed the area to protect them. They also blocked a section of the store-front driving area.

The whole thing lasted nearly nine hours. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game was called in. Some staff members stood on standby for security. The mama moose and her calf eventually started to move out of the parking lot, resting occasionally.

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If you are big fan of the entertainment industry, you will no doubt know many of the names that will come up on the video below. The clip features those stars that lost their life in 2016. We might not have gotten a chance to meet them in person, but their work has definitely somehow left an impact. Losing them was no doubt hard.

To honor these amazing celebs, Turner Classic Movies decided to make this beautiful clip. They pay respect to singers, actors, directors, and many more. They might not be here anymore, but they will always be in our hearts.

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In the rural parts of Ethiopia, most women live in fear of being abducted, raped, or even forced into marriages. It is said that almost 70 percent of the marriages in the country happen due to abduction. The kidnapping of young girls is becoming a deep-rooted marriage “custom.” This is observed in the rural parts where the country’s 71 million people reside.

Seven men in the name of marriage abducted a 12-year-old girl. They beat her and made her life miserable. She had been missing for a whole week, and her family was worried sick. The cops, despite trying everything they could, was still failing to find her. They were all starting to lose hope. That was when three lions decided to take control of the situation.


The officers found her on the outskirts of a place called Bita Genet. They couldn’t believe their eyes with what they saw. Three huge lions were protecting the little girl. They were also believed to have chased off the abductors. Sgt. Wodnimu Wedajo of the police force says that “They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”


Wildlife expert, Stuart Williams, believes that the little girl’s crying might have saved her life.

“A young girl whimpering could be mistaken for the mewing sound from a lion cub, which in turn could explain why they didn’t eat her.”


Everyone in the town is starting to think of this incident as a miracle.

“Everyone thinks this is some kind of miracle because normally the lions would attack people.”

What happened might be divine intervention or a simple coincidence. But whatever it is, I’ve never heard of anything like it. Police have managed to track down four of the men involved in the crime. Others are yet to be found.

( h/t: NBC News )

To some, nothing is quite as relaxing as chilling in the bathtub after a busy day at work. But our pets seem to think in an entirely different manner. The majority of them, hate water and do everything in their power to avoid getting wet. And as this video shows, they don’t want to let their owners in the water as well!

The feline in the clip sees her owner in the bathtub. However, her reaction is something that even the owner didn’t expect. The cat after seeing mom, meows and tries to grab her in an attempt to save her life. She tries almost everything she can to rescue her. I think it’s pretty clear from the video that cats among other animals are affectionate creatures!

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Most people have a habit of judging dogs like pit bulls, and Kangals, and stereotyping them as violent and aggressive. Why don’t people understand that every dog is influenced by the way they’re treated? Dogs should not be considered violent because of their size. This video proves that Kangals are among the most loyal dogs that we have ever seen.

This Kangal is named Zozo. He used to live in Ordu, Turkey with his owner. However, after the unfortunate death of his owner, he has had a change in his lifestyle. This loyal dog has been visiting his owner’s grave since he was buried in 2014. Every day Zozo visits the tombstone to pay his respect to his loving owner. This faithful dog will surely touch your heart.

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