Crocodile Got Shot & Was Awaiting Death. But When HE Came Along? What An Incredible Friendship!


Chito Shedden, a kind local man who lives Costa Rica one day stumbled upon a starving and suffering crocodile in the river bank of Parasmina River. This croc was shot in the head by a farmer and left to die. Chito couldn’t see this croc in that devastating situation and despite all the danger, he decided to take care of this croc and nurse him to health.


For twenty years, Chito and Pocho lived together while taking care of each other. At first Chito didn’t know how to approach this terrifying animal. But, as he helped Pocho get back to health and showed his love, Pocho slowly began to fully trust Chito.

When Pocho had regained his health, Chito took him back to the river to release him to the wild. But to his surprise, he found Pocho sleeping on his veranda the very next morning. It was evident that Pocho didn’t want to leave his best friend. So, with permission form the Minister for Enviroment and the assistance of a veterinarian, Pocho and Chito spent the next two decades together.

After many years of friendship, Chito had to say goodbye to his best friend. In 2011, Pocho died of natural causes at the age of 50.


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