This Scared Dog Was Struggling To Live On The Streets. But What Happened Next RIPPED Me Apart!


As soon as the name Hope For Paws pops up, everyone instantly thinks about their tireless work they do to rescue and rehabilitate animals suffering on the streets or even in shelters. This video below feature one of such dramatic rescue done by the hard working rescuers of this organization.


One day, Hope For Paws got a call about a scared homeless Golden Retriever. Immediately, they dispatched a team for her rescue. But it took almost 5 days to spot her and hours to complete the rescue.

This dog was so scared of the humans that she just ran away as soon as she noticed the rescuers. She hid under a debris and didn’t flinch an inch. The rescuers had hard time rescuing her, but they didn’t back down.

Watch this dramatic rescue of the Golden Retriever later named Clarabelle. What are your thought about this melodramatic rescue? Don’t forget to SHARE your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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