When These Two Owls Were Relaxing On A Rooftop, The Right Owl Did The Most EVIL Thing Ever, OMG!


Friendship is crazy in its own way and this video totally proves that. We are always willing to do a lot for our friends. Our main concern is to help them be happy and content like we are. But what if they ditch us in the middle of nowhere? Well this can actually happen!


This video shows two owl friends sharing their relax time. Both of them are casually relaxing when one of them did the most unexpected and weird thing. The owl all of a sudden turned his back towards his friend and pooped. Can you believe it? Well if you don’t you seriously need to watch this hilarious video.

I had never seen anything as hilarious as this. However I do feel sorry for the ditched owl. Poor fella, he had no idea his friend would do this to him! Watch this funny video and SHARE how you felt watching it through your COMMENTS!

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