Dog Ran Away From Home 2 Months Ago. When NOBODY Could Catch...

Dog Ran Away From Home 2 Months Ago. When NOBODY Could Catch Her, Watch What This Little Girl Did


Susan Hilden decides to call for help after noticing Daisy roaming around in Hollister. With the help from Diana, a wildlife rescue specialist from Hollister Animal Lost and Found, she manages to track down the dog’s owner. Together, they find out that the dog had run away from his new home after only two days of getting adopted from the shelter.


Daisy roamed alone for two months, and those who tried always failed to capture her. They would feed her, but she still wouldn’t come close to get captured. That’s when they called in a six-year-old girl named Megan for help. Megan and her mom fostered 75 dogs last year, and that’s saying a lot! Megan goes up to Daisy and succeeds in befriending the pooch. Daisy now lives with Susan’s granddaughter, Ava, and she has become good friends with Megan.

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