She Starts With Her Normal Dance Routine. But, Everyone Was Stunned To See Her Do THIS!


Rhythmic Gymnastics is a type of gymnasium where an individual manipulates one apparatus at a time. These apparatus can be a ball, a ribbon, a hoop or two clubs. This routine includes dancing and acrobatics which are choreographed perfectly to a set of music.


This video features Daria Kondakova from France performing her routine in 2011 World Championships. She manipulates a ball in her this routine. Her every step and movement seems calculated and intense. Her performance was able to captivate the hearts of all.

Rhythmic gymnastics is finding its popularity since its introduction in the world in 1963. Even though it does not yet experience same exposure and attention as artistic gymnastic, it is not less impressive or influential. There is high demand of strength, flexibility and precision in this sport.

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