Man found an abandoned puppy in a 350 ft slot canyon, saves him risking his own life


Zak Anderegg was carrying out his hiking through the Arizona desert in 2010, just then he found a deep canyon. He felt there was something inside that deep canyon. It wasn’t possible for something to be there as the canyon was 350 feet down. However he felt a deep drive to go and see. To his surprise, there was a puppy in that canyon.


The puppy was in a very severe condition. There was no food or water for the puppy. Zak seeing the severe condition of the puppy immediately went back to seek help. He brought some food and water for the dog from his bag and went back in order to seek some help to get puppy out of that canyon.

According to Zak the dog might have not come itself to the pothole, as there was no sorts of complications in the dog’s leg. Getting into such a deep canyon by himself would have led him hurt his legs. So, Zak actually feels that someone might have intentionally left the dog in the deep canyon.

Zak came back the following day and rescued the poor dog from the canyon. The adorable dog has now been named as Riley. Watch this rescue video which shows how Zak rescued Riley.

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