When His Human Friend Was Diagnosed With Cancer, This Dog Did The Unthinkable. Beautiful!


When Oregon-based photographer Ben Moon first went to a shelter, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted a dog or not. But as soon as he saw Denali in the shelter, they sparked a connection instantly. And what followed later is 14 years of adventure and a lot more emotional dramas of life.


Denali and Ben were inseparable from day one. They supported each other in their good times and the bad ones. This duo traveled all over the west, sharing a nomadic lifestyle. It was all well and joyous until a day when Ben was diagnosed with Stage 3+ colorectal cancer in 2004. He says that Denali was the one who gave him strength and supported him at those hard times.

Ben eventually recovered and this duo resumed their travelling once again. But there was another twist of life that caught them by surprise. This brave dog was also diagnosed with cancer a decade after his best friend had this dreadful disease. This time, they knew that Denali didn’t have enough time to live so in his honor Ben and his friend decided to make a short movie called ‘Denali’.

Denali passed away at the age of 14 and half years, but he will remain with us forever. Watch this beautiful story of Ben and Denali in the video below. Do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments.


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