52 Yrs Ago, Dick Van Dyke First Met Mary Tyler Moore. When...

52 Yrs Ago, Dick Van Dyke First Met Mary Tyler Moore. When You See What He Thought About Her? WHOA!


When Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore first appeared on TV, many went crazy for their remarkable chemistry. But little do people know that Dick had a major complaint when he met his TV couple for the first time. He felt as though she was too young to play his wife on the show. However, the producers assured him that no one would even notice.


Surely, the staffs were right! The show went on to be a big hit and even today you can see people praising them for their work. Tyler Moore passed away recently, and Dick can’t help but miss her deeply. To give the viewers a glimpse of the life of the 1960’s married couple, they are bringing back two of the episodes of the Dick Van Dyke Show in full color!

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