An Elderly Dog Was Taken To A Shelter After The Death Of...

An Elderly Dog Was Taken To A Shelter After The Death Of His Owner. But Then They Started To Cut His Hair


Some of us have the misunderstanding that senior dogs aren’t as lively and playful as puppies are. This is not at all true. Senior dogs just prefer a peaceful life where they can stay calm and quiet. Meet Scooby, a senior cocker spaniel mix who was gave up to the shelter after the death of his owner. He was overlooked most of the times just because he was an elderly dog.


Hollywood Rescue Grooming decide to help this pooch. They wanted to give him a new life where people didn’t judge him by his looks. They did an amazing job with the transformation of this dog. Scooby is now in a training program to help inmates in prison. Hollywood Rescue Grooming has done a makeover on 56 dogs and all of them have found a loving home!

Watch Scooby’s transformation below! Didn’t Hollywood Rescue Grooming do an amazing job? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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