This Couple Died Together After 62 Years Of Marriage. But His LAST WORDS Left Me In Tears!


Like that Beatles song says “all you need is love”. Love is a beautiful thing and most people approve of that ideology. This couple in the video show how powerful and influential it can be. Don and Maxine Simpson were married for 62 long years and were very much in love with each other till the very end. They have two sons whom they adopted along their life journey.


This seems like a scripted movie that you would go and watch at the cinemas, but this is a real life story. Maxine had a history of cancer and during her later years it started taking a heavy toll on her body. At the same time Don had an unpleasant accident. But the determination through which this couple braved life is amazing. They died 4 hours apart and their journey was simply beautiful. This is a true love story that will forever be cherished in our hearts even though the main characters have been long gone.



His last words he said in this life were… “This is my beautiful wife!,” and he smiled blissfully. Those were the last words Maxine would hear.

last words

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