Sadistic Man Drilled A Hole Into His Dog’s Hind Legs & Clamped It To Stop Him From Escaping


The South Coast Sun covered a story about a dog that had a clamp drilled through his hind leg on Monday. The rescue staffs from the Amanzimtoti SPCA were all taken aback and hurried to where the dog was. They stated that this was an extreme case of animal cruelty. This stray dog was found on the streets of Chatsworth, South Africa.


It is illegal to chain dogs in a yard in South Africa. Stunned rescue organization manager, Tracey Girling, immediately took the dog to an animal hospital. There it was found that the clamp had been drilled into his leg about 24 to 28 hours ago. He has been described as a dog with a good attitude. Let’s all wish that he gets a loving home after he recovers and gets better.

Take a look at this tear-jerking image.


People who have any information about the dog or his owner are being asked to contact the SPCA at 031.904.2424/5. So please don’t forget to share this post.


(h/t Pet Rescue Report )

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