She Asked To Duct Tape Her Hands. The Next Thing She Did Is Utterly SHOCKING!


I wish that the time to use this duct tape shall never come in my life however at the same time I am so glad that I know this technique now. This special Dateline segment called “News You Can Use- Escaping Duct Tape” shows a striking way to free your hands from the grips of the strong tape.


Freeing hands from the strong tape actually is not that difficult as it seems. Dateline correspondent, Andrea Canning has her hands wrapped together several times in duct tape. At first I thought it was impossible for her to break free from the duct tape without someone’s help but she totally proved me wrong.

Canning has explained the method she learned from a CIA agent who informed her about the way to escape from the grips of duct tape. Watch this video in an attentive manner and learn this simple yet effective way to break free your hands from a duct tape.

Dateline made this video to inform the public about the right way as recently there had been a case of armed robbery where the victim were found bound in a duct tape.


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