Everyone Was SHOCKED When She Walked On His Chest, But What He Did Next Left Them Speechless!


There are many forms of dances; ballet, contemporary, pasodoble and many more. All these dance performances are fun to watch. If you like dancing and enjoy watching it, then watch this video and prepare to be amazed.


Ludivine Furnon and Martin Charrat perform an incredibly sensual dance in Duo Osmose. And this dance won everyone’s heart. From the very start of the dance, it captured the hearts of all.

They started off with bright red light, and appeared on the stage one by one. As they started their routine, the whole room was amazed. Their every lifts and sensual movements looked perfect.

This dance routine has everything. It has strength, lust, love, and whole lot of energy. When this duo danced, they moved like one being. And it looks very erotic but looked beautiful and moving at the same time. If you liked this performance then do let us know about it in the comments.


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