Staff from the nursing home tortures elderly woman violently – then her son finally finds out

People who are forced to be dependent upon others are at the highest risk of abuse, and often times many of them suffer in silence because they don’t want to trouble their loved ones. One of the most prominently victimized groups is the elderly. Elder abuse is a serious ongoing problem all around.

Camille Parent decided to install a hidden camera in his mother’s room when he saw that she had frequent injuries reportedly from “attacks by other residents” or maybe by “falling down”. But what this poor son discovered is infuriating and heartbreaking all at the same time. To his shock and horror, Camille did not see footage of other residents harming his mother, but his camera had captured blatant abuse and disregard from the caretakers themselves!

This happened at a nursing home in Peterborough, Ontario, but it could be happening at other places and other similar establishments as well.

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