Everyone Expected This Boy To Be Weak But No One Knew He Would Steal Their Hearts!


It’s not often that a performance on the X-Factor, or any singing competition for that matter, will leave not only the audience, but also the judges, in tears. However, Emmanuel’s performance does just that. But his rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” isn’t the only inspiring thing about him. Adopted from an Iraqi orphanage as a small child and without a birth certificate or any proper identification, he has since come to realize what is truly important in life. He regards his mother as a hero and his biggest supporter. His love for his family is apparent when he sings, and it’s clear how much they mean to him.


Emmanuel has never received any formal vocal training, nor has he been to music school or taken any music courses. Many people with this lack of formal education usually turn to vocal training online, but not Emmanuel–his voice seems to be the result of pure talent and the overwhelming support he has received from his family. However, he does plan to pursue music both by singing and by producing music, with the ultimate goal of becoming a famous artist. If he succeeds on the X-Factor, it will likely help him when applying to singing colleges and provide the support necessary to pursue music careers.

As he performs voice over to “Imagine,” there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll also be moved to tears. This ambitious and positive teen will make you realize the important things in life: family, friends, and supporting one another. So check out Emmanuel’s performance, and let’s hope he goes far!

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