She Told Her Horse To Come Over. Now Watch What That Giant Horse Does! WHOA!


This video below features the most amazing horse in the world. This horse’s name is Frederick and he will definitely make you want a horse too. Frederick is a Freisian stallion. This species were once a nearly extinct breed. However, with the help of organized and special breeding, Freisian horses are now growing in number. Frederick is one of the top Freisian stallions in the world and this video will show you the reason why.


Over the past years, Frederick the Great has been able to gather a lot of admirers. He is a sort of a celebrity and has a lot of followers in the internet. In the following video, we can see Frederick frolicking and playing around with his human friend. He is very gorgeous and his body is magnificent.

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World Champion Friesian stallion, Frederik The Great!Frederik the Great

Posted by Horse Talk on Thursday, January 29, 2015


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