This Lonely Boy Was Freezing In The Cold. But, Wait Till You Watch These People’s Reaction!


What would you do if you see a lonely child freezing in the cold? Would you give him/her your jacket? The video below asks this question to the whole world.


SOS (Save Our Soul) Norway organized this social experiment to give an important message to the whole world. In Oslo, they set a boy in bus stations without a jacket. And it is not a normal day. It is a freezing day with snow all over. They put a hidden camera to record the reactions of the passerby. And their reaction is worth watching!

This video is not in English. Even though you may not understand the language, you will definitely get what this video is trying to say. It is not important to understand or know the language. The most important thing in it, is the message.

Watch this video till the end. You will be surprised to see the ending. Do let us know about your opinions and views on the video through comments below.


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