Boy Walks Into A Guitar Shop And Starts Singing The Blues. I’m Speechless.


Singing blues is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are only few people who can actually sing that amazingly. Brendan MacFlane was just ten years old when this video was recorded. This video shows him singing the blues in just ten years of age and the way he sings will completely blow your mind. Many people aren’t able to sing the blues in their lifetime in the way this ten year old has sung.


Such a great voice in such young age is actually praiseworthy. This boy actually is innately talented. Brendan has a huge love for traditional country music. This has come as naturally as the vocal talent in him. Both of these were cultivated when he was just three years of age. He is a native of Perth, Scotland and now is working out to develop a career in music. You will love to hear him sing.

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