He Comes Onstage With A Friesian Horse. But Wait Till You See Who Joins Them…MAJESTIC!


I never knew how gorgeous and incredible Friesian horses were until I watched this beautiful video. Frédéric Pignon, a French horse trainer decided to show the world how gorgeous and intelligent these animals were by putting them together for this beautiful show. He demonstrates a beautiful act of not only one or two horse but three Friesian horses.


The show begins with Frédéric introducing a handsome Friesian. He swans around with the beautiful horse around the arena showing its beaming gorgeousness and intelligence. Eventually another pitch-black Friesian appears and joins them. The trio beautifully showcases several stunning poses in front of the huge crowd.

Finally third Friesian joins Frédéric and his two horses. He parades them in circles and they carry out various stunning tricks. They even stand on the raised platform. This video actually shows how smart, beautiful and amazing Friesian horses are!

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