Mom Waits For Him Every Morning. Now See Who Pops His Head Through The Kitchen Window..


Phyllis went through a lot in her life. She left her abusive home environment and ended up on the streets. She had an unhealthy marriage that ended up on divorce. With all these lows she started drinking too much alcohol and ended up in jail.


That’s where a life changing thing happened with her. She was allowed to go out to a farm using a day pass while she was in the jail. During one of such outings, she met a cowboy who introduced her to a 3 year old Arabian stallion named Charlie Brown. Charlie too had gone through severe abuse and Phyllis couldn’t forget him since she had met her. She couldn’t forget the poor horse’s sad brown eyes. She had fallen in love with Charlie and now all she wanted in life was to own the horse.

Once Phyllis got out of jail, she went back to the farm with the $300 she had earned while imprisoned and bought Charlie and renamed him as Shag-Ra. Now Phyllis daily schedule had changed, she spent her days nursing Shag-Ra on her farm in Canada called “God’s Little Acre.” Shag-Ra was now healthy and happy but this positive transformation was just not limited to the horse. Unknowingly Phyllis life was also completely transformed. She had stopped drinking alcohol and had regained her health and happiness.

There was this majestic inseparable bond these two had built. Eventually she found out that her horse was not only very intelligent but also tried mimicking her. But this wasn’t the end of their lovely story. Watch this video to know what happened thereafter.


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