Everyone thought she was a normal foal – but this truth left them speechless


When Jazz, the mini horse was pregnant, no one believed it. She showed no signs of pregnancy except for her wobbly legs and her body defying standard horse senses. But Linda, Jazz’s owner knew Jazz was pregnant and took care of her as needed. However When Jazz gave birth to a foal, Linda and her husband Jim were in for a complete surprise.


Linda and Jim knew that Jazz’s baby Hope would be born smaller than average because both of her mom and dad are mini horses. But this couple was definitely not expecting Hope to be this small. Born at 13 pounds, Itty Bitty Hope’s birth weight and height tied the world record for the smallest horse ever born!

Even though Hope was born small, according to Linda she has a very bright future and a massive responsibility ahead. Linda wishes to train Hope to be a therapy animal in her non-profit organization Mini Hooves of Love which is dedicated to provide therapeutic animal-assisted visits with patients, nursing home residents, shelters and hospice patients.

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