She Says Hello To Her Kitten. Kitten’s Response? This Will Crack You Up!


Kitten videos are our favorite and this sweet kitten video you are about to watch is surely going to top you favorite list. When this mom reached her home she saw her kitten awaiting her in the most incredible way.


When she said hello to her young kitten, the cute feline was up with an unexpected yet incredible response. The kitten all of a sudden started her own conversation in the most adorable way. The conversation had her mom laughing uncontrollably.

She definitely might be greeting her mom and asking where she had been all day leaving her alone! Cat responding their owners is not regarded to be unusual as felines love communicating and are quite smart and active beings.

Watch this super cute video and tell us what you think about the adorable kitten’s reaction? We would love have your thoughts and opinions on this video!


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