Sad Gorilla Did THIS After Her Best Friend Died In An Accident. You Won’t Be Able To Stop Crying!


Gorillas are the next closet living relatives to humans after the chimpanzees and bonobos. The genetic makeup of gorilla is 98 percent similar to that of humans, so it is not so surprising that their traits are common to those of humans. Along with other intelligent animals like dolphins, orangutans and elephants, gorillas also show their emotions clearly.


In this video below, a gorilla named Koko has shown the similar traits like those of a human. She had a pet cat and she loved him dearly. But one day, her cat was killed in an accident. One of the researcher gave the news to Koko about the death of her best friend but how she reacted left everyone in astonishment. At first Koko only displayed her sorrow with words, but later at night she wailed in sadness.

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