6 Yr Old Called 911. Now Wait Till You Hear Her Voice—You’ll...

6 Yr Old Called 911. Now Wait Till You Hear Her Voice—You’ll Be CHILLED To The CORE!


Every child deserves love and affection. They need a loving stable home for their development and wellbeing. Being exposed to heinous crimes like domestic violence is something that they do not need or deserve. Partners shouldn’t be inflicting such on each other in the first place, let alone let their children witness it. The following video is a recorded 911 call of a child seeking help and it is sure to leave you chilled.


The call was made by a little girl named Lisa. The 6 year old girl had nobody to turn to when her step father began beating her mom. She quickly called 911. You can hear another baby crying in the back and the sound of what probably is the step father beating her mother. Her voice is so frightened and horrified. No child should witness such a thing, especially at such a tender age. I hope the police arrived on time and saved her!

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