100 Yr Old Starts Dancing – But Keep A Close Eye On Her Legs! Whoa… That Is AMAZING!


Can you imagine yourself dancing and all energetic even in your 90s or 100s? Well… I know I can’t! I don’t even know if I will live up to see my 90s. However, this 100 yr old grandma is totally different than rest us of. It is often said that you are only as old as you feel and this granny definitely is a live example of it.


This grandma’s name is Lorraine and she is going to blow your mind with her energy and dancing talent. During a senior center’s social event, Lorraine suddenly got up from her seat, walked towards the dance floor and started to dance. No one expected her to do something so unbelievable, yet they were thrilled to see this. They even encouraged her to keep dancing.

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100 year old Lorraine is still dancing!!!

Posted by Coffee and a Stroller on Sunday, December 13, 2015


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