They Starved This Poor Lion Cub For Endless Months. And The Reason? THIS Makes Me FURIOUS!


Millions of animals are mistreated daily all around the world. Abuse can take on a lot of forms, but the most brutal of cases are often heard from the tourism industry that revolves around exotic animals. This story is about a lion cub named Magnus who was born in captivity and raised for the first months of his life in a Spanish circus and used as a tourist attraction.


When animal rights advocates discovered Magnus, he was in a devastating state. His caretakers wanted to keep him “small and cute” so that tourists would want to take pictures with him. But lions grow at an incredibly fast rate. His owners wanted to slow down that growth for as long as possible before he would be too big and dangerous, and therefore useless to them. To achieve this Magnus was fed a mixture of yogurt and bread, which in time made him sick.

The circus owner had no use for a so he took him to a vet to have him euthanized. But thankfully he was rescued. He needed surgery since his esophagus had dangerously shrunk because he had never eaten solid food.

Watch Magnus’ surgery in the video below! What are your thoughts about mistreating animals in the name of tourism? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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