They Were Sitting Along In The Panda Pen When The Baby Panda Bear Gave This Epic Surprise!


We all know babies are unpredictable and this unpredictability does not limit to human babies but also extends to the babies of other beings. You doubt this? This video is gonna clear your doubt. This video features mama panda bear and her little cute heart.


When this momma panda bear was having a good time munching her snack, her tiny cub gave her a sudden unexpected fright. You will be floored when you will know how this cutie pie gives fright to his mom.

Pandas are said to give birth to one or two cubs at a single time. Unfortunately only one of the offspring eventually survives. Mostly giant panda cubs stay with their mothers until three years before making out their own way.

The giant panda population is said to be rapidly decreasing mainly due to loss of habitat, excessive poaching and also due to their slow breeding patterns. Conserving these amazing species has become really important.

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