That Looks Like A Regular Rainbow Cake. But Wait Till You See Her Cut A Piece…WHOA!


Internet is a jungle of information, so it is obvious for you to stumble upon varieties of cooking tutorials. If you go through all those tutorials, you will find that some are exceptionally complex while some are delight to an amateur’s heart. But this recipe is one of the later. This baking tutorial from Cheeky Crumbs is no doubt easy but in addition to that it has some amazing surprises hidden in it.


Irene is an at-home baker who recently came up with this most amazing cake recipe that took the cake lovers by storm. Even amateur cooks are enchanted by this cake recipe and can try out themselves.

Irene’s rainbow frosting chocolate cake is not a normal cake. I can bet you on that. But you will have to see for yourself what lies hidden inside this mouth-watering dessert.

Watch this rainbow piñata cake baking tutorial below. Would you like to try this in your kitchen? Do let us know in the comments below.


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