Helpless Dog Gets Raped On A Hunting Trip By Three School Aged Boys


Three school aged boys in South Africa, have confessed to raping a dog while hunting in Pretoria. The clueless dog owner let them take his dog hunting with them. These three boys then did the unthinkable and later went to their school and told a friend about their doing. Their friend audaciously notified the school officials about their crime and the parents of the three boys along with the dog owner were informed immediately.


These three boys have been charged with animal abuse as reported by Michael Motloung, a spokesperson for the SPCA. The SPCA has been contributing tremendously for the welfare of abused dogs. This dog was taken to a veterinarian, but the results have not been disclosed to the public yet. Motloung wants the abusers to know that these kinds of animal cruelty are not at all endured.

Take a look at this poor dog.


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(h/t Pet Rescue Report )

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