When This Song Was Recorded, NOBODY Knew It Was Going To Be One Of Elvis Presley’s Last Memories!


Elvis Presley is famously known as the King of Rock and Roll. He is a true legend. Elvis Presley wooed his fans all his life with epic performances. His music always won the hearts of people. He had immense love and respect for music. Impressing millions of fans with soulful music he was the king of millions of hearts. Elvis was a man with magical voice and was loved all over the world.


This video is an unearthed footage of Elvis Presley performing unchained melody taken from a concert out in Rapid City in 1977. This earthed footage shows something really new, the world had never seen Elvis doing this before in any of his concert. Watch this video to find out what is that stuff.

This video is a sheer proof of the legendary status of Elvis Presley. This rare video had not been seen by many people. His charisma, personality and talent are truly incredible. There’s no doubt in the fact that Elvis is a timeless icon.

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