Poor Pit Bull Was Abused All His Life. But What Happens When He Gets To Take A Cozy Bath? LOL!


Rudy, the pit bull featured in the video below was almost at the brink of his death in early of 2015. He was dumped in a plastic bucket in New York City and was left to die. Fortunately, he was spotted and rescued by SNARR Northeast soon after. When the volunteers from SNARR found Rudy, he was in a devastating condition. His fur was nearly gone, had a horrible fracture in his front leg, a tear in his bladder and untreated Cushing’s disease.


Fast forward to February of 2015! He has started to believe on humans again and is now loved and pampered by his foster family. This video which was posted by SNARR on their Facebook page shows Rudy enjoying his warm and cozy bath in a sink and being hand-fed snacks. Unfortunately, Rudy passed away a few months later due to the severity of his spinal condition. But he no doubt was endlessly spoiled by everyone before he passed away.

Watch this video below. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Who has got it better than Rudy right now?

Posted by S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast on Thursday, February 26, 2015


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