His Sister Told This Hearing Impaired Man To “Look There”. When He Does? You Won’t Stop Crying!


Samsung Turkey has pieced together a beautiful yet heartwarming moment for a young hearing impaired guy in this video. This was made to promote their new video call center for people with hearing disabilities. Their motto is a world without barriers.


So they put up some hidden cameras around the city and trailed Muharrem and his sister as they came out their house and took a walk. It was supposed to be a normal day for him, yet this day was anything but normal. All the people around him started communicating with him via sign language!

Muharrem’s sister was in on the surprise, but the look on his face is priceless! Every soul they chanced upon greeted Muharrem in sign language itself. This was moving and it is incredible how a single idea turned into something so amazing! But the best thing about it all? Muharrem’s reaction!

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