He Found Something Unusual About This Stingray. When He Gently Pushed It? I Hadn’t Expected THIS!


Getting a chance to witness birth of animals is an amazing chance but being able to help and assist the animal at the time of birth is actually a life time experience. The Conger family, happening was able to gain this wonderful experience.


When eighteen year old Calving found this stingray in Port Charlotte, Florida he thought of using it as shark bait. Just then his father noticed something really unusual about it and later found out that the fish was pregnant. By pushing gently on the belly, he helped the mother stingray give birth to her children.

Waiting no second, the Congers tossed the newborns and their mother back into the ocean. I had actually never seen anything as special as this. Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments. You will surely love this beautiful video!

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