2 Yr Old Had A Bizarre Dream. But When You See How...

2 Yr Old Had A Bizarre Dream. But When You See How She Explains It To Mom? I’m In Disbelief!


Two-year-old Lilly goes to her mom’s room after waking up from a bizarre dream. She starts knocking and talking at the door. Lilly’s mother, Chelsea, says that her daughter repeated with urgency, “Something’s coming! Something’s coming!” at midnight. She recorded her daughter’s explanation of the dream, later that day.


Chelsea doesn’t think that her daughter is making this stuff up, nor does she believe that she has ever taught her any of this. In the end, Lilly bows three times, which is strangely the number God uses for confirmation. The next day, Lilly told her mom, “Mama, open up because GOD is coming.” Then, the little girl went on to knock on the wall three times.

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