Mysterious Man Appeared At A Crash Site To Help The Girl. But What He Did Later Puzzled Everyone!


There are many mysteries in the world that are yet to be explained. But until the truths are revealed they are just miracles that astound us at times. This case in the video below is one of such example of miracles which has not yet been clarified. And this piece of news took the internet by storm.


When 19 year old Katy was driving in a car a drunk driver hit her. The front side of her car was crushed leaving her trapped inside the car. There was no way to get her out of there even though the rescuers tried really hard to cut through the metal of the car. That’s when a mystery man with black clothing appeared in the accident scene and started praying.

Katy was saved from this terrible accident and even though she had a lot of broken bones, her face was untouched. But when people searched for the mysterious priest who was there to pray for Katy’s life, there was no trace of him. He had even disappeared from the pictures taken at the scene which has left everyone regarding him as the ‘Guardian Angel’ of Katy.

People are still trying to find this mysterious angel of Katy. Who do you think that mystery priest is? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.


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