She Let This CAT Sit Between Her Legs While Doing Yoga But Never Expected Him To Do THIS! Ouch!


Did you know about 15 million people in United States alone practice Yoga? That is a huge number right? But they definitely do know the benefits arising out of regular yoga! I too am very eager to join a yoga class too. Are you?


There is evidence that yoga can help relieve back pain, stress and symptoms from menopause. Compared to reading for an hour, those who practice yoga for one hour every day show an increased level of GABA, this can help fight depression. It has even been shown to have a greater positive impact on patients with Type II Diabetes as compared to those who walk or practice other low-impact exercises.

Despite the adorable and persistent distractions of their pets, their ability to maintain focus and balance is admirable. How does your pet keep you distracted? Let us know everything in the comment section down below!

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