SHOCKING! They Call This The ‘Zoo Of Death.’ And Here’s Exactly Why It Needs To Be Shut Down.


Warning: Some of the photos you are about to see below are disturbing.


The Surabaya Zoo situated in Indonesia is referred as zoo of Death. It has been called so for a reason that everyone should know. The Surabaya Zoo is not a casual zoo you would expect it to be rather it is a living nightmare for the innocent animals living there. The mistreatment done to animals in this zoo will break our heart into pieces.

These images of these various animals will prove you that the nickname given is actually true. Most of the animals there are suffering from various kinds of diseases, weight issues. The condition they are living in is heart breaking.

Their horrifying condition needs to be proved as soon as possible. There is an online petition being held in order to stop the cruelty being done to the innocent animals in the Surabaya Zoo. To sign the petition you can join here: Lets spray the word and save these poor creatures.

These pictures will surely break you in tears!

The terrible condition of this starved tiger tells everything!

tiger's condtition


The tiger is bound to sit on a concrete floor wasting away.

The giraffes’ condition is no different too.

The state of this zoo is far more horrifying than you can even imagine!

The lion looks completely malnourished and is bound to stay that way.

The condition of this bear is actually heart breaking!
bear hurt

The skin and important parts of the animals are illegally traded abroad.

The tiger is looking for some food but is unable to get any.
caged tiger


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