Man Plays “Amazing Grace” Out On The Snow On His Harmonica…I Have Chills From Watching THIS! OMG!


“Amazing Grace” published in 1779 is one of the most loved hymns of all time. In fact, it had been voted as the most popular hymns ever. This may be the main reason why it is a staple on churches all over. Over the years, we have listened to different versions of this song. But this cover is quite different from what we have been hearing.


Chadbum Spivey has a remarkable talent in playing the harmonica. This harmonica was passed down to him by his father. Spivey is clearly enjoying himself while playing “Amazing Grace”. We can see him delivering a fabulous performance, despite being out in the snow. What a beautiful cover of an incredible song!

Watch the video below! Wasn’t it unbelievably awesome? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments!


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