Little Boy Thinks That Santa Visited His House. But His Reaction To It Is Just Too CUTE!

Christmas is just around the corner and every kid in the block is dreaming to catch Santa in the act. From the very young age we are told of the Christmas legends and the night visit of Santa clause with a lot of gifts. Every kid grows up with these kinds of stories. Most of us didn’t get to chance to fulfill our dream, but this lucky kid in the video below did get a chance to do so. His parents decided to surprise him with Santa’s footprints in the middle of the night and this little kid is more than happy to witness it.

Archie, this lucky little boy in the video below gets excited as soon as he sees Santa’s footprints in the living room. His mom even says that these are the snow from the North Pole and this kid believes her. He traces the footprints which leads him to a bundle of gifts that Santa left him.

Watch this little boy’s precious reaction. Did this melt your heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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