Clever Hack Turns A Bubblegum Wrapper & Battery Into Tinder For A Campfire

We never know when we might get ourselves caught in a dire situation. If you are a great fan of visiting to new places, then getting stranded or getting into a difficult situation may not be new. But what should we do to be prepared for these situations? This video below features a great life hack which can be of a great use if you are ever stranded.

YouTuber, Grant Thompson uploaded this video under his “King Of Random” channel. This life hack which he had uploaded in Dec 2014 is leaving everyone in astonishment. He takes two simple materials, gum wrapper and a batter, which most of us have in our pockets, and does something unbelievable with it. I don’t want to spoil it. Wait till you watch it yourself!

Wasn’t that amazing? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know your through via comments!

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