Stray Cat Wanders Into This Zoo. When A Bear Spots Him? OMG… I Can’t Believe It!

Till now, we have seen a lot of unlikely friendship videos on the internet. All of them have left us with smiles and happy tears. This video below also features one of them and you are not going to believe who these friends are. Even the zookeepers at the Folsom City Zoo in California were surprised to see this in one of their exhibits.

This video below features a special friendship between a zoo bear and a stray cat. Yes… you heard me right!
Apparently, this stray cat had wondered inside this bear exhibit some time ago. She saw the dog food spread for the bear and sneaked inside to grab some. Soon enough she made a special bond with the bear inside. When the zookeepers saw this cat lurking inside the bear pen every day, they decided to keep out food for her too.

Watch this precious friendship in the video below. Did this melt your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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