Dog Makes Four Mile Journey Every Single Day Just To Be Petted By His Friends In Town


We all have our daily habits. Traditions that we’ve followed for so long that they’ve grown to be a part of our identity. Some of us may enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, some may enjoy making a trip to 7/11 or Starbucks, or perhaps hitting the gym is some peoples forte. Whatever it maybe it has stuck with us for so long that if we don’t follow through with it then onlookers get the anxiety that something isn’t quite right. Well similarly, this video is about the daily routine of a lovable dog names Bruno.


Meet Bruno, The dog that’s been making a four mile trip into this town for the past 12 years. Ever since Bruno was a little pup he has made his way into this town. The town now regards him as a local celebrity and he’s treated with love and admiration from the townsfolk. Every day He starts his journey from the local deli. Smart Dog.

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