Big Bull Was Destined To Be A Fighter. But When He Was Rescued From An Auction By THIS Man? OMG!

Almost 250,000 bulls are estimated to die in the bullfighting industry. About 40,000 of these deaths happen in Europe alone. Bullfighting is one of the oldest “sports” that has been in our society. The first bullfight is said to have happened in 711 A.D. Since then, countless number of bulls have been killed for people’s entertainment. It is about time we started realizing that “bullfighting” is not a reasonable sport.

This video features Christophe Thomas, of Rennes, France who thought that it was wrong to make bulls fight. He believes that even bulls have feeling like ours and they should be given a chance to show it. He bought a bull at an auction that was supposed to be a fighter. He prevented this poor bull from having a miserable life. The point that Thomas is trying to make is clear in the video as this bull shows how different he can be when he’s got love and care.

Watch the video below. Don’t you feel that it’s wrong to treat animals badly? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments!

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